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Skipper’s log book

Skipper’s log book

Bearing in mind that navigation is in its essence an empirical science, a team of respected seamen and the experienced skippers have created for you:

This unbinding document offers a hand to the most experienced skipper or ideal assistance to the novice, who is setting off on his first voyage as a skipper. Besides the compulsory parts, the logbook comprises a series of tables, lists, charts, and recommendations.
The commercial part of the logbook contains diverse information exclusively of nautical nature and will surely lead you in the right direction in your search for an essential part of ship equipment, a nice restaurant or the right service for your machine.
The nautical map of the Adriatic Sea, where you can enter your latest journey's route, contains a wide range of useful information such as locations of gas stations, heights of bridges, list of marinas, etc.
In its A5 format (A4 folded in two) it will take up very little space on your command bridge.
In case you never really get to need any of the information listed in the logbook, which is the best possible option, the Skipper’s Logbook will still remain a sweet memorabilia of your cruise.
At the end of this summarised description of our and your logbook, we would like to tell you that, besides all of the above-mentioned, the logbook has numerous other surprises in store as well.

Obtain your copy of the SKIPPER’S LOG BOOK at all better nautical stores or order it on-line by filling in the form.


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