Our small job make Croatia grow up

About us

About us

 Alimar Skiper Sistemi Ltd.

We specialize in providing maritime assistance, spanning the expansive territorial waters of Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro. Furthermore, we are involved in nautical marketing and the innovation of new nautical products that redefine industry standards.

We are proud to be the publishers of the renowned electronic nautical newspaper - Gumenjaci.com powered by EmergenSea, offering the freshest information and news from the nautical world.

Our actions resonate with deep respect for the unique ecosystem of the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea. Collaborating with the "Blue World" Institute based in Mali Lošinj, we actively contribute to the preservation of this magnificent ecological habitat through volunteer initiatives and self-funded projects.

Our team of experts includes professional sailors, experienced skippers, divers, and educators, all united by a shared vision - a passion for the sea and enthusiasm for the nautical culture. Together, we create educational programs for the youth and develop products that aim to establish Croatia as a premier nautical destination.

"Our small business makes Croatia grow up"

Company headquarters:

St. Nikole Tavelića 64
23000 Zadar, Croatia

VAT ID: 82978630058
IBAN: HR3424070001100025904, OTP bank
Registered at the Commercial Court in Zadar
MBS: 060034201
Base capital: 21,000.00 HRK, fully paid

  • Board member: Marijana Dešpalj
  • Authorized officer: Drago Dešpalj
  • Marketing and public relations: Šime Šušić

Skipper’s log book

Skipper’s log book

Bearing in mind that navigation is in its essence an empirical science, a team of respected seamen and the experienced skippers have created for you ...


Skiperov brodski dnevnik idealan je poklon vašem gostu, a ujedno vašu firmu prikazuje onako kako ste vi sami zamislili. Od povijesti firme do prikaza svega ćime se bavite te mogućnost isticanja i vaših partnera. Pogledajte kako...


Alimar Skipper Systems ltd
Sv. Nikole Tavelića 64
23000 Zadar/Croatia