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The elaboration and implementation of this programme is a result of developments in nautical tourism and an ever increasing demand for skilled personnel fully trained to take overall care of travellers, their safety, ships and equipment, navigation and communication placing, at the same time, emphasis on the protection of the sea as a specific ecological system.
The theoretical part of the course is taught by experts at a school which is equipped with sophisticated gear in accordance with international provisions based on the STCW convention.
This ten days course comprising ninety hours of theory and practise makes up a complete programme for obtaining a licence of YACHTMASTER CATEGORY A.

Accommodation and meals could be arranged for duration of the course. You may apply for the course by filling in our on-line application form.

The price of EUR 320 is fully inclusive of lectures, course literature and two days of practice for Boat leder category C ( up to 30 GT ).

The price of EUR 990 is fully inclusive of lectures, course literature and four days of practice for Yachtmaster category A ( up to 100 GT ).
The sales exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank is applicable.?

Courses are organised once a month. Course dates are set depending on the number of candidates and their availability.

The minimum requirements for attending this course are the following:
- 18 years of age
- medical certificate

Note : Cost of exam and translator is not included in the price of  course.

Skipper’s log book

Skipper’s log book

Bearing in mind that navigation is in its essence an empirical science, a team of respected seamen and the experienced skippers have created for you


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